October 27, 2021

Dan Crenshaw Heckled by MAGA Man at GOP Fundraiser for Saying Election Wasn’t Stolen

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), who has repeatedly tried to have it both ways in relation to former president Donald Trump’s “big lie,”was heckled by a fervent MAGA supporter and election denialist at a current fundraising occasion for saying the 2020 election wasn’t stolen.

Whereas talking on the Illinois GOP Fundraising dinner in Rosemont, Illinois on Wednesday night, Crenshaw was requested by an attendee if he believed in “election integrity” and whether or not he thought final yr’s presidential election was rigged in opposition to Trump. (Dozens of Trump-backed election fraud lawsuits have been tossed out of court and a number of state and native election officers, along with former Attorney General William Barr, have confirmed there was no widespread fraud that might have impacted the vote.)

“There’s sure states with issues, however don’t child your self into believing that’s why we misplaced, it’s not. It’s not,” Crenshaw responded, prompting Bobby Piton, a fringe Illinois Senate candidate who believes Trump will be reinstated this year, to fireside again from the gang.

Piton, a QAnon booster who served as an “expert witness” during Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s sham election fraud hearings final yr, insisted there was “loads of proof” that of widespread voter fraud and that states like Arizona will quickly flip again to Trump, citing the largely discredited ballot “audit” in that state. (Piton has been consulted on the so-called audit.)

“It gained’t, and also you’ve obtained to flip all 5 states to make it occur,” Crenshaw responded, as Piton requested if he knew how Democrats have been “stealing” the election.

“It’s simply one thing you’ve obtained to simply accept. Is there quite a lot of voter fraud? Yeah, there most likely is. Sufficient that Trump gained? Completely not. Completely not,” he concluded, including that Piton was “kidding” himself if he believed Trump can be reinstated.

“It’s disgusting to listen to denials from a sitting do-nothing and intellectually dishonest Congressman in our Home of Representatives,” Piton later posted on Facebook. “Crenshaw has completed nothing however shill for the Democrats and refuse to even see or hear the proof of fraud.”

This newest Republican-on-Republican confrontation over Trump’s baseless claims the election was rigged comes as MAGA-boosting pillow salesman Mike Lindell’s three-day “cyber symposium” to show Trump was robbed has spectacularly imploded, as Lindell’s lead cyber expert recently admitted they haven’t any proof the election was hacked.

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