October 27, 2021

How the World’s Most Feared ‘Franchise’ Can Threaten to Kill TV Star Azucena Uresti

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Mexico’s fastest-growing crime group threatened “femicide” in opposition to a preferred information anchor this week over her allegedly biased coverage in opposition to them.

In a video that circulated extensively all through the nation a masked man surrounded by different masked and closely armed males reads off a demise risk from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (generally known as CJNG for its Spanish-language acronym). The person singles out Milenio Tv’s nationwide anchorwoman Azucena Uresti, and vows to “come for you wherever you might be, and make you eat your phrases.”

The equal of this within the U.S. can be for a bunch just like the Hell’s Angels to lodge a public promise to kill a outstanding persona like Katie Couric or Rachel Maddow. Besides that in CJNG’s case they’ve a observe document of finishing up such high-profile assaults, together with a 2019 strike in opposition to Mexico Metropolis’s police chief that left the chief severely wounded and his bodyguards lifeless.

“If CJNG can get to one of the protected police officers within the nation, they will simply assassinate a reporter like Ms. Uresti,” Mike Vigil, the DEA’s former Chief of Worldwide Operations, instructed The Every day Beast. “After they make threats, they don’t seem to be idle ones, and so they carry them out with impunity.”

Mexico was named the most dangerous country on this planet for journalists in 2020, because the nation’s cartels are identified for killing off their critics within the press. However a lot of the murders and compelled disappearances are carried out in opposition to native reporters, making CJNG’s risk to a nationwide determine a brand new customary of aggression.

“I’m shocked that the Jalisco Cartel is now threatening journalists from nationwide TV networks,” mentioned Dr. Raúl Benítez-Manaut, a political scientist on the Nationwide Autonomous College, in an interview with The Every day Beast.

“I feel it’s a message to all of the journalists on nationwide TV, not solely to [Uresti]. The CJNG is telling everybody to cease displaying adverse information about them—or else.”

In Uresti’s case, the allegations of unfair protection stem from her supposedly preferential remedy of CJNG’s opposition in an ongoing turf war within the western state of Michoacán. CJNG has made a concentrated effort to grab management of that area—which is a serious hub for narcotics manufacturing and transport—from a smaller, advert hoc alliance of native gangs and civilian militias.

Vigil describes CJNG as “one of the highly effective and violent cartels on this planet” that “operates like a paramilitary power” and controls complete swaths of the nation.

“The federal government is powerless in opposition to them,” Vigil mentioned.

So what’s it about CJNG that makes it so formidable? And the way are they in a position to get away with such brazen and violent habits?

A part of the key is continuity. CJNG’s chief, Nemesio Rubén Oseguera Cervantes—also called “El Mencho”—is a shadowy and elusive determine who has evaded seize and remained in energy for properly over a decade, even because the kingpins from rival teams have come and gone.

El Mencho, who apparently authored the script of the demise risk learn on digital camera in opposition to Uresti, is understood for avoiding cities and cities and sticking to rural areas the place he’s well-protected by a military of loyal foot troopers.

“El Mencho is a dictatorial chief whose orders are carried out meticulously,” mentioned the DEA’s Vigil. “He’s very smart and completely ruthless.”

Extraordinarily violent and warlike.

That ruthlessness contains out-muscling the competitors with massive concentrations of firepower which are usually depicted on social media. Clearly marked convoys of CJNG’s armored autos are sometimes filmed racing concerning the countryside in defiance of authorities.

Such ways serve “a perform of intimidating opponents—authorities in addition to competing crime teams—into submission,” mentioned Dr. Teun Voeten, a Dutch battle correspondent and cultural anthropologist who makes a speciality of Mexico’s cartel battle.

“It additionally has a recruitment perform: all people needs to affix a profitable group in slick uniforms with super firepower. No one needs to be a part of a poorly armed group wearing sneakers and sloppy denims,” Voeten mentioned.

In response to Dr. Robert J. Bunker, Director of Analysis and Evaluation for strategic consultancy Futures, LLC, CJNG is “extraordinarily violent and warlike,” able to “fielding company-sized mounted infantry forces preventing from armored autos with turreted .50 caliber weapons.”

Bunker added that CJNG’s floor forces are “more and more supported by ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) and weaponized drones armed with explosives.”

However Mencho’s rise to the highest of the Mexican underworld is as a lot about brains as it’s about brawn. He’s employed a intelligent organizational technique that has allowed CJNG to increase its attain all through Mexico and past.

It is all about branding.

“The CJNG is extremely structured and very similar to a world company has tentacles in over 40 international locations that perform like subsidiaries,” mentioned ex-DEA chief Vigil.

Anthropologist Voeten, who’s the creator of the brand new book Mexican Drug Violence: Hybrid Warfare, Predatory Capitalism and the Logic of Cruelty, referred to CJNG’s sport plan as a “franchise mannequin” that’s “all about branding.”

“They [often] develop territory not by conquering and pushing out the native crime teams, however by making an alliance, an settlement with them. They’ll carry the identify, uniform, model, and logos. In return, they need to pay a proportion of their proceeds.”

Teun mentioned such pacts additionally act as a sort of “mutual insurance coverage” for either side. “If one group is attacked, all native chapters will come to their help,” he mentioned.

Bunker agreed with Teun’s evaluation, and harkened again to a fair older analogy than that of the franchise, calling CJNG’s path to energy a “neo-feudal system of vassalage.”

“As soon as a neighborhood legal group petitions to grow to be a (CJNG) affiliate Mencho should then approve it in a warlord-to-vassal sort of relationship. The brand new group then accepts the narratives, symbols, and strategic steerage of CJNG, whereas retaining some native autonomy in its determination making,” Bunker mentioned.

This apply has elevated Mencho “to supreme ‘Prison Warlord’ standing inside Mexico,” he mentioned.

The McDonald’s of unlawful medicine.

When requested concerning the demise risk in opposition to Milenio anchor Uresti for her supposedly adverse experiences on CJNG, Voeten referred to as it “a brand new step in escalation” for intimidation of the press.

“To my data that is the primary time a nationwide anchor has been threatened—and never for exposing explicit wrongdoings or corruption—however for portraying the CJNG in a typically adverse manner.”

Voeten then doubled down on his franchise principle:

“The best way the CNJG is anxious with their picture proves they’re an ultra-capitalist company.”

Political scientist Benítez-Manaut mentioned that at the least 160 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2000, with 55 such murders coming inside the final three years. He referred to as Mencho’s shot throughout the bow in opposition to Uresti a “risk to freedom of expression.”

Even worse, he mentioned that “the risk may go and a few will censor themselves out of worry.”

Bunker shared this concern, and mentioned such a menacing ploy could have a “chilling impact” on journalistic investigations in opposition to the cartel exactly as a result of the danger issue is so excessive.

“Mencho has the ability projection capabilities all through Mexico to place CJNG kill-teams and contract sicarios [assassins] wherever on the bottom in a day or so, in some instances inside the matter of hours, to make good on his public threats,” Bunker mentioned.

Within the wake of Mencho’s message in opposition to her, Mexican authorities promised to guard Uresti from hurt. However former DEA Agent Vigil, who spent nearly 15 years stationed in Mexico, doubted whether or not the federal government might adequately shield anybody particular person from this franchise cartel, which he likened to “the McDonald’s of unlawful medicine.”

“The Mexican authorities can’t shield members of its safety forces, a lot much less a journalist,” Vigil mentioned.

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