October 19, 2021

Seth Meyers Mocks George W. Bushโ€™s Afghanistan Assertion

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Seth Meyers on Tuesday poked fun at President Joe Biden and former President George W. Bush over the messy end to the Afghanistan Battle.

After returning to the White Home on Monday from Camp David, Biden mentioned that the scenario in Afghanistan was โ€œquickly evolving.โ€

โ€œNo kidding,โ€ Meyers quipped. โ€œDid you see what the Taliban did in a weekend? A part of me is like, โ€˜Put them accountable for the infrastructure invoice.โ€™โ€

The militant terrorist groupโ€™s fast takeover of the war-torn nation reportedly got here as a shock to many within the administration (or so they are saying).

In his speech, Biden, whereas stating the earlier administrationโ€™s treaty with the Taliban wherein the U.S. pledged to take away its forces by Might 2021, did acknowledge that as commander-in-chief, โ€œthe buck stops with me.โ€

โ€œAfter all, earlier than that,โ€ Meyers added, launching into an impression of a long-winded Biden story, โ€œthe buck had fairly a journey. Actually all of it begins when George Reynolds found oil in Persia in 1908. Now stick with me of us.โ€

In the meantime, George W. Bush, the president who oversaw the primary seven years of the U.S.-led wars within the Center East, launched an announcement in regards to the scenario.

Bush โ€œmentioned he would stay โ€˜steadfastly optimistic,โ€™ whichโ€”letโ€™s face itโ€”was at all times his factor,โ€ Meyers joked as {a photograph} appeared on display screen of his notorious โ€œMission Achievedโ€ televised deal with relating to the Iraq Battle aboard an plane service in 2003.

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