October 27, 2021

If Liz Cheney Actually Believes in LGBTQ Equality, She Ought to Vote for It

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There are lots of painful and absurd issues concerning the persistence of bigotry and prejudiceβ€”notably for individuals who endure their results beneath the legislation and on the streets. They surprise why individuals hate them a lot that they’ll assault them. They surprise why their legislators don’t do extra to characterize and shield them. They surprise why there are nonetheless legal guidelines, and well-funded campaigns to maintain these legal guidelines, set towards them.

Additionally they surprise why the media typically ignores such tales, particularly round anti-LGBTQ legislationβ€”just like the bout of anti-trans lawmaking by Republican legislators throughout the nation, who’re decided to cease trans children from playing sports and with the ability to entry adequate health care.

It’s the invisibility of those tales, the shortage of LGBTQ voices talking about them within the mainstream, and the lack of expertise the overall inhabitants has about them, that basically irks when a narrative like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)’s sudden about-turn on LGBTQ rights flares into much-discussed life.

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