October 28, 2021

Invoice Maher Makes But One other Horrible Transphobic Joke

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On Friday evening, amid backlash over the transphobic anatomy “jokes” in Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special The Closer, fellow comic Invoice Maher took it upon himself to kick off the newest episode of his HBO late-night present Real Time with a jab at transgender folks.

“There’s a brand new James Bond film out, lastly,” supplied Maher throughout his monologue. “Even that’s controversial, you understand, as a result of he has to step up with the instances. And so they have stepped up with the instances now with James Bond. He nonetheless sleeps with three stunning girls—however two of them have a penis.”

Maher, in fact, has a long history of transphobia—from his fixed cracks about Caitlyn Jenner’s genitals to the time he gleefully mocked the transgender group alongside alt-right fraud Milo Yiannopoulos, describing the trans toilet debate as “weirdos peeing” and agreeing with Yiannopoulos when he stated, “…girls and ladies needs to be shielded from having males who’re confused about their sexual identities from their bogs.” (This deeply transphobic rationale posits that transgender persons are extra vulnerable to sexual predation, despite the fact that the other is true—that they’re more likely to be targets of sexual violence.)

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, Maher argued that Democrats ought to cease preventing for transgender rights in an effort to defeat Trump, saying, “Each difficulty, each struggle, each trigger has to take a backseat to defeating to defeating [Donald] Trump… There is no room for boutique points in an Armageddon election… Let’s not die on this hill.”

The larger query is: Why are these older grownup males—Chappelle is 48 and Maher is 65—so fixated on transgender folks?

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