January 23, 2022

CNN Host Jake Tapper Destroys GOP’s ‘Merciless’ Alec Baldwin Tragedy Response

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CNN host Jake Tapper used the previous few minutes of his State of the Union broadcast on Sunday to unload on the conversative politicians who saw opportunity within the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film Rust final week.

Noting that Hutchins was a “rising star” in her discipline who left behind a husband and younger son, Tapper mentioned, “Heartbreaking, for regular individuals. However there’s one thing about our politics proper now that’s driving individuals away from our shared humanity.”

He pointed to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who “apparently did some digging” and located a 2014 tweet from Baldwin about weapons that she became a joke at his expense. “The Colorado congresswoman thought it was humorous to take advantage of ‘palms up, don’t shoot,’ to make a joke on the expense of Baldwin,” Tapper mentioned. “However extra importantly, actually to make a joke on the expense of Halyna Hutchins and her husband Matthew and their son Andres.”

“Extra disappointing,” Tapper added, was a tweet from Republican Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance, who jokingly demanded that Trump be reinstated to Twitter in order that he may assault Baldwin. “Vance was, for a time, even a CNN contributor, employed for his perceived perception,” the host mentioned, whereas now he’s a part of an Ohio Senate major “that appears to have turn into the Concern Issue of American politics, with contestants positioned in opposition to each other as to who can performatively attraction to one of the best on the lowest, frequent denominator.”

“Vance appears to need Trump to assault and mock for a worldwide viewers Alec Baldwin for killing a girl in what nearly definitely was a tragic accident,” he continued. “Whatever the ache of Matthew Hutchins or Andres Hutchins. And nevertheless this impacts Baldwin, and actually, I imply, how would possibly such an incident influence you? And he did this, J.D. Vance, why? Presumably as a result of he thinks it’ll assist him win supporters. He did it to win votes. In different phrases, the cruelty is a function of his candidacy, not a bug.”

From there, Tapper linked the conservative response to the Baldwin incident to Donald Trump’s statement attacking Colin Powell after his loss of life and even Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “deranged anti-Semitic conspiracy concept” that Jewish area lasers had been inflicting lethal wildfires.

He ended the present by recounting a textual content he acquired this week from an unnamed Republican official. “After J.D. Vance’s tweet,” it learn, “being a horrible particular person is now truly a job requirement on this social gathering.”

“I hope to God that that Republican official is improper,” Tapper concluded.

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