December 7, 2021

Scottish Govโ€™t Affords Weird Protection for Not Investigating Donald Trump Golf Course Turnberry

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The Scottish authorities has a instrument that would pry open the funds of any rich, politically related particular person concerned in a suspicious buy of their nation. And this week, a Scottish decide heard arguments over whether or not the nationโ€™s first goal for this new anti-money laundering instrument ought to be probably the most elusive, wealthiest, and politically related on the planet: former President Donald Trump.

At difficulty is how precisely Trump paid for a golf resort there in 2014, and the way the federal government may serve him with an โ€œunexplained wealth orderโ€ that might drive him to open his books.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, that Scottish decide, Lord Craig Sandison, listened to the federal governmentโ€™s arguments over why it shouldnโ€™t need to essentially examine Trump. And the federal governmentโ€”the defendant on this caseโ€”went as far as to say its proper to deal with the matter with the utmost safety, borrowing the CIAโ€™s notorious โ€œGlomar responseโ€ by in search of to โ€œneither verify nor denyโ€ that it will accomplish that.

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