December 3, 2021

Tucker Carlson Is Doing It for the Fish Sticks

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Rep. Adam Schiff rejoins the pod to warn that “we“ ”re at a really tenuous level within the historical past of our democracy” with “singularly harmful voices like Tucker Carlson” and “individuals working across the nation nonetheless pushing the Huge Deceive strip impartial elections officers of their duties and get them over to Trump acolytes who will overturn the subsequent election in the event that they lose it. It“ ”s a reasonably scary second.”

“Are they pretending to be loopy,” asks host Molly Jong-Quick, ”or are they genuinely loopy?”

“I feel the MTGs are legitimately nuts, however a lot of the Republican convention that is pushing the Huge Lie understands it’s a giant lie. They are not silly. They know precisely what they’re doing. After which it’s simply craven capitulation to Donald Trump as a result of they concern a main, as a result of they wish to advance inside the celebration,” says Schiff. “For each one Liz Cheney, there are at the least 5 keen to say, ‘For those who’re not keen to push the Huge Lie, I volunteer. You already know, nothing’s extra vital to me than my ambition. And if it means tearing down one of many pillars of our democracy… then signal me up.’ Sadly, that’s the place a lot of the Republicans are proper now.”

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And Schiff—a member of the choose committee probing Jan. 6 and the writer of the brand new memoir, Midnight in Washington: How We Virtually Misplaced Our Democracy and Nonetheless May—talks about how Steve Bannon, who’s refused to testify earlier than the committee, reveals how “Right this moment’s GOP, it’s turn out to be a cult.

“A person runs for president on a platform of constructing a wall that he says Mexico’s going to pay for. It’s an absurd thought to start with. He turns into president. After all he doesn’t construct a wall as a result of Mexico isn’t going to pay for him. After which his buddies, together with Mr. Bannon, elevate cash from his personal supporters to purportedly construct a wall, steal it. After which he pardons them for stealing from his personal individuals. It’s essentially the most consummate den of thieves and grifters possible.”

After which Molly has some ideas on a “little bow-tied twerp”: “He principally runs the community now, proper. He’s the boss,” as a result of why else would Fox air Tucker Carlson’s coming Patriot Purge particular? “And possibly he’s psyched. Perhaps he owns some firm that is going to do very nicely off of an American civil struggle. However for these of us who’re regular, this complete factor is only a full catastrophe…

“He’s clearly doing this for the fish sticks. I imply, that’s the one factor that is smart. No! I imply the entire thing is a whole and utter whole nightmare!”

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