December 3, 2021

Texasโ€™ AG Used This Insane Cause to Preserve Abortion Unlawful

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Linda Hirschman is a veteran lawyer, and she or heโ€™s assured that the Texas anti-abortion regulation, SB8, instantly challenged the ability of the federal courtroom systemโ€”and which may be pro-choice activistsโ€™ saving grace.

The regulation says that the onus is on the general public to report folks in violation of the regulation, aka girls and abortion suppliers, as a substitute of the courtroom. After listening to arguments this previous Monday, itโ€™s extremely seemingly, Hirschman conjectures to The New Abnormal host Molly Jong-Quick, that the Supreme Courtroom will take offense to that system, and gainedโ€™t keep it.

However not as a result of they honestly care.

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