December 4, 2021

Stephen Colbert Blasts Elon Musk for Not Paying His Truthful Share in Taxes

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On Thanksgiving Eve, Stephen Colbert devoted a piece of his Late Present monologue to a sure tax-avoiding billionaire, Elon Muskโ€”by all accounts the richest man on the planet.

โ€œFor some cause, thereโ€™s all the time a lot of billionaire information,โ€ provided Colbert. โ€œIโ€™ll provide the newest in tonightโ€™s installment of my long-running phase: โ€˜Wealthy individuals, theyโ€™re simply not like us. Us pay taxes.โ€™โ€

With that, Colbert dug in, addressing Muskโ€™s little Twitter feud with Bernie Sanders over the Vermont senatorโ€™s suggestion that Musk pay his justifiable share in taxes.

โ€œFirst up: SpaceX founder Elon Muskโ€ฆ has been somewhat prickly ever since Democrats advised the rich pay any taxes,โ€ defined Colbert. โ€œFor example, not too long ago Bernie Sanders tweeted, โ€˜We should demand that the extraordinarily rich pay their justifiable share. Interval.โ€™ To which Musk replied, โ€˜I hold forgetting that you justโ€™re nonetheless alive.โ€™โ€

It was a weird reply, all thinks thought-about. โ€œHey, buddy: You can’t discuss to Bernie like that,โ€ Colbert shot again.

Then, he did his finest Bernie Sanders impression: โ€œYou higher watch your mouth, house boy! Iโ€™m from Brooklyn, the BK, you retain talkinโ€™ to me like that, Iโ€™m gonna slap the tax cash you owe proper off your high one p.c. Keep in mind, in house, no one can hear me put my foot up your ass!โ€

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