January 23, 2022

Lara Logan Compares Dr. Anthony Fauci to Josef Mengele, Says ‘Individuals All Throughout the World Are Saying This’

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Lara Logan, once a deeply respected and award-winning investigative reporter, informed Fox Information viewers on Monday evening that “folks all internationally” are telling her that America’s high infectious illness skilled is rather like Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi physician referred to as the “Angel of Loss of life.”

With the brand new super-mutated Omicron variant sparking concern across the globe over a potential new spherical of lockdowns and restrictions, conservatives and right-wing media have began pushing conspiracy theories concerning the new virus pressure. A number of Fox News hosts and GOP politicians have instructed that Democrats are making up COVID-19 variants in an effort to “cheat” and steal the upcoming election.

On the identical time, while Dr. Anthony Fauci has sounded the alarm over the “troublesome” Omicron’s potential resistance to immune safety, the chief White Home medical adviser stated he doesn’t anticipate any additional travel restrictions as he doesn’t sense a “excessive diploma of severity” with the virus.

Throughout an look on Fox Information Primetime on Monday, Logan—who hosts a program on Fox Nation, the community’s on-line streaming service—complained that the protection of the most recent variant had been excessive. Certainly, she insisted the priority over COVID-19, on the whole, was exaggerated.

“And what’s occurring over time is that the complete response to COVID and every little thing that we had been informed about it from the start is being uncovered. And it’s falling aside,” she declared. “The lies are coming aside. Actually now, there isn’t any justification for placing folks out of their jobs or forcing vaccine mandates for a illness that finally may be very treatable.”

Logan added: “It’s low cost to deal with. Medicines can be found all around the world. And it has loss of life charges that evaluate very a lot to seasonal flu.”

After dismissing the risks of COVID-19, which has killed greater than 750,000 People and hundreds of thousands all over the world, Logan took goal at Fauci. And he or she claimed quite a few unnamed folks had immediately in contrast him to a monstrous Nazi doctor.

“What you see on Dr. Fauci, that is what folks say to me, that he doesn’t symbolize science to them,” she stated, referencing Fauci’s recent remarks. “He represents Joseph Mengele. Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi physician who did experiments on Jews throughout the Second World Conflict and within the focus camps.”

Logan, whose rhetoric has grown increasingly unhinged and conspiratorial lately, then reiterated that “folks all internationally are saying this.” In her telling, the “folks” are likening Fauci to Mengele due to the response to COVID-19 and “what it has finished to civil liberties, the suicide charges, [and] poverty.”

For over a year now, Fauci—who has regularly turn out to be a villain in MAGA world—has been the goal of hate mail and loss of life threats, with many even comparing him to Adolf Hitler. This previous July, a man was charged with making graphic and violent threats to Fauci. In a single e mail, the person stated Fauci and his spouse “can have the tooth smashed out of its nugatory k— cranium when you say ONE MORE WORD about ‘necessary vaccines.’”

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