January 23, 2022

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump and Invoice Oโ€™Reillyโ€™s Half-Empty Area Tour

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As shocking new developments proceed to emerge within the January sixth investigation, Seth Meyers famous Monday night time that we all know Donald Trump desires to attempt pulling off his coup try once more as a result of he โ€œretains speaking about it,โ€ together with this previous weekend on his โ€œso-called historical past tourโ€ alongside disgraced Fox News host Invoice Oโ€™Reilly.

With that, the Late Evening host reduce to a really disturbing clip of Trump ranting about how Mike Pence didnโ€™t have the โ€œbravenessโ€ to do what he falsely believes Thomas Jefferson did to rig the 1800 vote rely however largely simply mentioned the phrases โ€œhear ye, hear yeโ€ time and again.

โ€œIโ€™ll say this,โ€ Meyers responded. โ€œHeโ€™s the one man Iโ€™ve ever seen do an episode of Drunk Historical past stone chilly sober. I imply, itโ€™s like watching an amnesia affected person wander up on stage throughout a efficiency of Hamilton.โ€ The host went on to name it โ€œfrankly hilariousโ€ that the one factor Trump appears to find out about American historical past is that individuals used to say the phrases โ€œhear ye, hear ye.โ€

However what was even funnier was the truth that the primary cease of Trump and Oโ€™Reillyโ€™s tour in Dawn, Florida, featured whole tiers of mostly empty seats and the venue needed to โ€œimproveโ€ ticket holders to even partially fill the decrease ranges. โ€œYikes!โ€ Meyers mentioned. โ€œThere was higher attendance at my sonโ€™s kindergarten vacation pageant. Or there would have, if it hadnโ€™t been canceled as a result of COVID.โ€

In the end, Meyers mentioned the occasion was proof of how โ€œdeeply unpopularโ€ Trump truly is, which is why he needed to โ€œstage a coupโ€ within the first place.

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