January 18, 2022

Fox Information Goons Cry About Being ‘Smeared’ With Their Personal Phrases

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More than 24 hours after they’d been publicly uncovered because the hacks they so plainly are, Fox Information talkers Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity ended what seemed to be a Rupert Murdoch-imposed company-wide interval of silence and talked publicly about the texts they’d sent privately to Mark Meadows on Jan. 6, begging the president to call off his attack dogs who were storming the capitol.

Spoiler alert: As an alternative of candor, self-reflection or humility, the pair whined, deflected and cried about “left wing hacks” supposedly “smearing” them—by merely repeating their very own phrases. Hannity additionally discovered time to one way or the other blame Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for the insurrection we now know past a shadow of a doubt that he knew was Trump’s accountability even because it was taking place.

Hannity could also be silly, however nobody is that silly. Not even Ingraham, who on the night time of Jan. 6 went on air to say she’d heard that Antifa may have been behind the failed coup that left five people dead. This was after she’d texted Meadows that, “That is hurting all of us. [Trump] is destroying his legacy” by refusing to talk out and inform his followers to cease the violence and go residence.

The coup try got here, not so by the way, after Fox Information personalities—together with these two— cast doubt on the election result 774 times in the two-week period after their own network called the 2020 election for Biden.

Fox hosts, like Republican elected officers, refuse to take any possession or accountability for his or her position in radicalizing a weaponized death cult, which features a substantial minority of our fellow People preventing to supposedly shield their freedoms by raging towards masks, vaccines, science and Essential Race Concept. They appear completely superb with canceling books, elections and voting rights.

In his opening monologue on Tuesday, Hannity—who’d merely outright ignored his personal texts on Monday after they had been learn aloud by Rep. Liz Cheney as a part of the treasure trove of self-incriminating proof given to the Home Choose Committee by Mark Meadows—claimed his personal phrases had been a “weak attempt to smear” him, and insisted that “the texts had been no totally different than something I mentioned on air that day.”

Hannity had texted Meadows on Jan. 6 to ask: “Can [Trump] make an announcement? Ask folks to depart the Capitol.” He knew that Trump’s lie, which he’d helped promote, had gone too far. However as an alternative of acknowledging that every one these months later, Hannity whined about how his privateness was supposedly being violated and requested why there wasn’t “outrage within the media” over his personal texts being launched publicly.

Let me assist you out, Sean: It’s since you’re a rich, privileged snowflake having a tantrum on air after your hypocrisy was publicly uncovered. To defend the indefensible, Hannity invited right-wing gadfly Dan Bongino on to defend Trump, criticize the Jan. 6 committee, and push again towards Geraldo Rivera—who ought to actively be searching for a brand new job after he ripped Trump on Fox Information for having “abandoned democracy” and incited the rebel.

Geraldo additionally tried, and failed, to elicit some real humanity and decency from Hannity, by saying, “I encourage you, Sean, to recollect the way of thinking you had been in once you learn that textual content on January 6. And when Laura did. And when Brian did. And when Don Jr. did!”

However Hannity’s way of thinking at all times reverts to being Trump’s Pravda, and utilizing his privileged area to create a fictional narrative for viewers by which the Deep State, Democrats and the “MSM” are the threats to democracy slightly than the insurrectionists, anti-government hate teams, and Republican hacks who write memos and powerpoints about how to overturn an election in actuality threatening our democracy.

In his handoff to Laura Ingraham, Hannity whined once more about how “there’s part of this that does suck,” bemoaning how he’s had to give up email and not do social media. Ingraham finally lower him off, however her take was the standard right-wing deflection and projection.

Earlier, Ingraham had tweeted, “Liz Cheney and the Lincoln challenge are confirmed losers, crushed time and again contained in the GOP, but the Regime Media and Dems are following their lead. Would Obama or Clinton have ever been so silly? No.”

That is wealthy contemplating a majority of Republicans refuse to acknowledge Trump misplaced the election, and Fox personalities like Tucker Carlson at the moment are following the lead of Hungary’s president Viktor Orban and parroting the speaking factors of white nationalists and racists, however I digress.

Ingraham ranted towards “left wing media hacks” and the “regime media” for defaming her as a “hypocrite.” She defended herself by enjoying clips of her present from Jan. 6 together with tweets the place she denounced the assault on the Capitol. She then requested, “Does that sound like I was downplaying it to you?” Moments later, and you may’t make this up, she stared useless within the digital camera and mentioned, “However, it was not an rebel. To say something totally different is past dishonest and it ignores the details of that day.”

She really performed one of many clips the place she downplayed the right-wing’s position within the rebel and used her present to blame Antifa and leftists instead in a phase devoted to denying that she’d completed that. Ingraham—who earlier this 12 months mocked and smeared a courageous Capitol Hill police officer who’d risked his life to defend Republicans as a “disaster actor”—is probably not silly, however she positive appears to assume that the viewers are.

Journalist Parker Molloy, author of The Present Age newsletter, advised me she wasn’t shocked in any respect by the hypocrisy of those Fox hosts, who despatched texts acknowledging the hazard of Jan. 6 however then used their reveals to unfold false conspiracy theories. “That is simply what Fox Information and others within the right-wing media area do,” she mentioned.

Vaccinated Fox Information hosts go on air to unfold vaccine disinformation and doubt. All of them complain about elitists, however they’re rich elites. They’re all about defending regulation and order when that comes all the way down to demeaning “city” voters, Muslims and BLM, however are completely superb downplaying white supremacist terrorism.

“There’s a distinction between spinning details and outright inventing and amplifying politically-convenient lies. Fox often engages within the latter,” Molloy mentioned. “Within the case of the Capitol assault… these texts present onerous proof that they’re doing the identical with the way forward for democracy.”

You’d know that should you listened for your self as they had been learn. Nevertheless, should you get all of your data from Ingraham and Hannity and their ilk, you’d do not know about any of that—and also you in all probability consider a caravan was invading America in 2018 and Donald Trump received the election in 2020.

In 2021, Trump has propagandists like Ingraham and Hannity to do his bidding. Democracy, reality, and nationwide safety might be sacrificed alongside the way in which, however the rankings and the chaos might be spectacular.

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